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This radio presentation that awaits you is part scripted, part improvised.
Amateur sleuths from across the country call in to the Friends of the Bone Chariot for help solving their mysteries!

Friends of the Bone Chariot presents The Amateur Sleuthing Hour, on WBCR 660 AM Radio!
Where mysteries abound, no longer...
Who does an Amateur Sleuth turn to when a mystery is just too mysterious to be solved alone? The Friends of the Bone Chariot, obviously!
Callers leave us a voicemail with their mysteries. We call them back, LIVE, on the air, to help crack the case!

Cast and Credits

The Amateur Sleuthing Hour - The Trailer

This is a commercial for the very real, not fake radio show we made!

The Amateur Sleuthing Hour - Episode 1 (There's Only One Episode Whatever)

The Amateur Sleuthing Hour, in its entirety. Almost a full hour!
Show notes

The stories that await you below are each a game of chance; part scripted, part improvised.
Players are guided by a narrator through an original story that they are experiencing for the very first time.

Good evening and welcome to your thirty year high school class reunion here at the lovely Watercress Banquet Hall! Tonight is a special night that the Reunion Committee has gone to great lengths to plan.
Strap in for a trip down memory lane...

Cast and Credits


Combs Valley High Class of '89 - The Trailer

Oh, wow. It's really been thirty years since high scool. You've aged...well.

Chapter I - You Really Don't Remember Me?

Reunite with your classmates Drufus 'The Marvelous' McLeary, Penelope Hubba Hubba, Rita Rowland, and Forge (formerly known as Bradford Schneed) as they meet old friends, foes, and lovers. Oh and worry not, because DJ Slim Rick is your groove shepherd to guide you through an evening of drinks and delicious meats that all lead to a once-in-a-lifetime presentation!
Show notes

Chapter II - The Food Area

The Reunion Committee isn't being very accommodating to the many dietary restrictions of the alumni. Best ask this very regular person named Yeek for help. Or was that other guy's name Yeek?
Show notes

Chapter III - I Smell Cult

Anybody wanna go out and smoke some medical in the vestibule? The best looking guy at the party is holding. His necklace looks familiar though...
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Chapter IV - Superlatives!

Hey, there's way more than four people at this par-tay. Let's hear from some of them! The alumni take a break and listen to some winners.
Show notes

Chapter V - Sting Needs to Get a Life

Is it me or did the vibe at this party take a real hard turn?
Show notes

For their first offering to the Bone Charioteer, Friends of the Bone Chariot presents Welcome to Madawaska.

March 20, 1949
Madawaska, Maine
Four travelers
One missing woman

Cast and Credits


Welcome to Madawaska - The Trailer

Last stop, Madawaska.

Chapter I - We Must Find Her

Stella Cyr is missing. Her distraught husband, Vernon Cyr, welcomes the help of some friends, new and old, in searching for her. The group doesn’t pay for any of their drinks at the local watering hole, Lucy’s.

Chapter II - Does Anyone Have Any Yellow?

The search for Stella Cyr uncovers some disturbing information about Stella’s work. Ines and Rose go to language school. Kris and Skiff check in on old man Zadok. The Gateway Motel is pet friendly! Madawaska’s only musician performs a soothing ballad at Lucy’s.

Chapter III - Sorry About Your Hands

A snowstorm shuts down Madawaska. Vernon decompresses and wins a wager. A mysterious visitor pays a late night visit to the Ward Manor.

Chapter IV - A Lover of Caves

It’s all clear now. WKTM's own Glenn Heart hosts the weekly call-in show The Buck Starts Here. Loose ends are tied up.
The End?

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