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Andrew Diaz - Frances Li - Joshua Storms - Justine Sweetman - Sam Reiss

Andrew is a songwriter, musician, and performer. He enjoys stiff drinks, haunted houses, and nightmares. Last he was accounted for, he was scouring small Chilean pueblos for hash before hitching a ride to Buenos Aires, Argentina where, rumor has it, he now lives. If you look in the mirror and say his name three times in a row he will appear in your mind's eye long enough for him to flash you. His favorite color is mauve, and he collects bones.

Frances is an actor, writer, and former ghost of Christmas past. She enjoys long walks on the rim of a volcano, deflowering virgins pre-sacrifice, and snuggling with her cat. She currently resides in Brooklyn NY, where she can be found howling at the moon from the roof of her 5 story walk up.

Joshua is a writer and musician. Turn-ons include dark rituals to appease the Bone Charioteer, cursing the infinite, getting watched by birds, and cooking. He has no turn-offs at this time. Home is where Justine and the cats are.

Justine is a filmmaker based in Queens, NY, where she and Joshua live with their two cats, Miles and Glenn. Her hobbies include fire walks, staring into the void, and skulking through moonlit forests. Though not a robot, she wants to remind you that machines need love too.

Sam is an award-winning filmmaker and performer based in NYC. He recently directed the short film A Woman Eats. He performed his comedy act Master Class with Marlene Deepdick for the Brooklyn Comedy Collective. He works predominantly in the fashion industry and aside from his work with Friends of the Bone Chariot, he is developing several feature film projects. He is often thirsty, both sexually and from not drinking enough water. He also makes no promises regarding the historical accuracy, plot point consistency, or emotional depth of character in his work in Friends of the Bone Chariot. If you have read this bio all the way through, he requests that you please find and contact him (web: samreiss.tv, IG: @Samerei), maybe you can scratch each other's backs, wink wink, nudge nudge. Please, call him.

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