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The Amateur Sleuthing Hour - Notes

This one is mainly improv with some scripted stuff to break up the calls. We didn't use a gaming system like Call of Cthulhu or Dungeons and Dragons, so this one is a departure for us. Just riffing with friends over the internets. Thanks friends.

We basically gave our funny friends a one or two sentence prompt. Hey, here's a mystery. Your therapist is bigfoot. A hotel ghost keeps writing lewd messages on the lobby mirror. A time traveler is your grandson and is trying to f*** your wife.

We wrote a lot of potential mysteries we didn't get to record. My favorite? Oh, thanks for asking. Definitely Where is Mother's Christmas sweater?

There's more scripted stuff in this one. Edsel Romero is a real life actor, so we used him to read something Josh wrote. We actually recorded The Priest and His Shadow in a very loud bar on the downlow. That was fun.

Josh was originally going to be the 'Man on the Street' but it didn't work at all so we scrapped it. You didn't miss out on anything, trust us.

Not exactly sure how the Metamucil as our sponsor joke came about but I'm fairly certain it's because growing up, one of our dad's espoused the virtures of reguarly taking Metamucil. We actively tried to avoid making too many poop jokes. No shade towards poop jokes, but we don't want to be a shitty podcast. Yeah, I also hate that I wrote that but we're just going to all have to live with it.

We only re-recorded a few lines from Andy and Fran for continuity reasons. The calls weren't recorded in the order they appear in the podcast. The magic of editing! Does anyone give a hoot about any of this? Whatever, we hope you enjoy our weird art. Making this website took an obscene amount of time. We did it all with regular old HTML like idiots.


Andrew Diaz as Andy the Host
Frances Li as Fran the Host
Sam Reiss as Father Reiss
Joshua Storms as the Radio Announcer, Cornelius Terwilliger, and DJ Slim Rick
Justine Sweetman as Justine the Producer

The Amateur Sleuths, in the order they appear:
Devin Bockrath as Diane Gooberstein, Ghost Fucker
Katherine Thomas as Katherine, The Zucchini Hoarder
Heather Harrison as The Alien Abductee with an ETSTD
Jon Elsesser as The Man Who's Never Seen **** ** *** ******
Dana Bierele as Stephanie, The Witness to a Murder and former girlfriend of Steve the Sleeze
Sophie Worm as Cutlet The Brave (for going to therapy)
Edsel Romero as the Piano Man

Amateur Sleuthing Hour Cast and Credits

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