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Combs Valley High Class of '89
Chapter 1:
You Really Don't Remember Me?

Good evening, Class of 1989! Welcome to your 30 year high school reunion here at the lovely Watercress Banquet Hall. DJ Slim Rick is the emcee for the evening, ushering in a new age of groove. Make sure to stop in at the welcome desk on your way in to get a name tag from Melanie Belany because for some of you it's been a very, very long thirty years.

You'll see that Drufus McLeary, now known as Drufus the Marvelous is one of the first to arrive. With that fine suit and top hat, trusty companian Cous Cous perched atop his shoulder, you would barely know that Drufus spent a few years in the slammer. Turns out Drufus couldn't make his tax evasion charges vanish! Granted he went to jail before becoming a magician but whatever.

Forge (formerly Bradford Schneed) looks dazzling in his sacred Stevie Nicks necklace. With an extensive celebrity client list at his highly exclusive yoga studio and a bestselling book, Swimming on Land, Forge pioneered no-touch sex therapy for the masses (of high-paying clients). The writings of Forge, like the great David Copperfield before him, reached the inmates of Copperfield County Jail, where Drufus not only learned his first card trick (from the David Copperfield book, not Swimming on Land. Does Forge do magic? I don't think so), but a little something about no touch sex therapy. So yeah, Drufus is a big fan. He read Forge's book in jail, in case that's unclear.

Straight out of the fashion world, with documentary filmmaker Herschel in tow, Penelope Hubba Hubba has her eye on Forge's yoga class. Hubba Hubba Cosmetics (yes, that Hubba Hubba Cosmetics) and their CEO Penelope are under a bit of controversy right now, but hey if you're gonna make a few million you gotta break some eggs (international laws). Litigation notwidthstanding, Penelope has done quite well for herself. And yes, that suit is Versace.

Hey, here comes a Combs Valley diehard, Rita Rowland! Married her high school sweetheart and mascot costume enthusiast Jerry and pumped out a whole bunch of people who then made even more people. The Rowlands couldn't be happier. And that's a breath of fresh air for this sleepy town of Combs Valley because even with a new CVS, the suicide rate is pretty high. Lemons to lemonade folks, because that just means high turnover for Rita's real estate biz!

The class president Rachel West comes along and talks for a few. She's also part of the Committee, and one of the Seven. So far you've got Melanie and Rachel. Five more to go.

I wonder if Drufus had been a magician in high school if Penelope would remember him now? They did have a lot of classes together. They even had a flour baby together for home economics. Seems like you'd remember having a kid together. But then again, Penelope did have a lot of suitors in high scool. Definitely never Drufus, though. Not like he genuinely cares deeply about that though. Hey wait, didn't Penelope and Forge once do the seven minute in heaven together? Oh wait, that's in the next episode. Nevermind.

Sting really has been calling Forge, a lot. Guess he can't stand losing him. Don't worry, there's a bunch of Sting puns in the episode, which you should listen to because why not? You think you're better than us? If you haven't listened to it because of accessibility issues, seriously, reach out and we'll get you a transcription ASAP.

The gang (and not Drufus's gang that he joined while in prison, as you do) has some dietary restrictions. None of them are eating meat tonight. Which is kinda weird that there are four people not eating meat in the same place but then again the Reunion Committee (there's seven of them and yeah you're gonna meet them all because part of this is scripted and those characters were written ahead of time) seems to be pretty adament about everyone eating the meat tonight. They weren't very accommodating with the vegan options. Also, vegans like to eat more than carrots and hummus you dweebs.

Frank Heart is part of the catering committee according to Melanie Belany but really he seems like a sad guy who is drinking away how bummed out he is about the reunion. His wife is Christine and she's goth. Also quite hot, according to Penelope. She snarks a bit but after this you don't really see her again. So that's two more that's on the Reunion Committee. Also, Frank does not sell weed. Spoiler alert. But if you read this before you listened to the episode then you deserved that. It wasn't even a big spoiler. A big spoiler would be something like everyone dies but it's ok because it was all Cous Cous's dream.

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Andrew Diaz as Drufus 'The Marvelous' McLeary
Frances Li as Penelope Hubba Hubba
Justine Sweetman as Rita Rowland
Sam Reiss as Forge (Formerly Bradford Schneed)
Joshua Storms as DJ Slim Rick and the Narrator

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