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Combs Valley High Class of '89
Chapter 2:
The Food Area

Drufus loves Gremlins. Listen to the episode and this will make sense. Also the suicide turnover rate is in this episode. I'm not going back and editing the chapter 1 notes. Deal with it.

This is where Forge's seven minutes in heaven in the closet with Peneleope comes up. It's unclear at first though because Penelope has known many lovers. Frosted Flakes certainly thought their time together was greeeeeeat.

Frosted Flakes is really named Mike Kellog but with a name like Kellog and a penchant for yelling, "IT'S GGRRRRREAATTTT!" the nickname came pretty naturally. He never eats the food at events like this but you'll find that out in chapter 5 and it's important then but not really. You know, honestly, you should probably listen to the entire season before reading these notes. I could just listen to the episodes and write only what happens but I don't feel like listening to them even though you definitely should.

Frosted Flakes kind of insults Drufus and the wanders off to do whatever he does while the gang (not the Looney Goons) meets Rodrigo Torres. That's five out of the Seven, oh yeah. He's a dentist and Forge is really freaked out by dentists but a lot of that interaction got left on the cutting room floor. Just know that Forge doesn't like dentists. Rachel walks back over and addresses the growing concerns about the veggie option but the gang doesn't seem very pacified. They're determined to go to the kitchens and inspect the food for themselves like any normal party-goer at a big event would do.

Yeah, all the servers and bartenders are named Yeek. The gang figures that out at some point either in this episode or the next one. They're all wearing bad toupees as well. I wonder if that's going to come up later.

Before they go downstairs though, Derek Raz (nicknamed Bo' Derek for his persistent erections and yeah that was improvised) dances over to Penelope and flirts. His flirting is awful. Deliberately gross and repulsive. Drufus hates this guy and you will too. You should. He's part of the Committee so that's six out of seven. One more to go. Rita intimidates him from fully-torqued to half-torqued and Bo' Derek gives some half-assed answer about what's up with the Yeeks (you don't learn much, they serve the Committee, apparently) and slinks away.

Down in the food area (the kitchen is in the basement but it's nice, trust me), Drufus distracts the servers and they hide in a pantry. Cous Cous, ever the nimble sidekick, sneaks through the kitcehn to snag some of the meat that's to be served for dinner and brings it back for the gang to inspect. It's gross and pulses on the plate. The Committee was (as you'll remember) adament about everyone eating this shit. The vegetarian option is looking pretty good now. I mean, in comparison. It's still just carrots and hummus. Although hummus is great it is in no way a MAIN dish.

The Yeeks find the gang and say some wierd stuff but it's all good. They all look pretty similar, but I think that was already covered somewhere in these notes. Whatever.

The credits roll at this point and dang doesn't that narrator sound silky smooth (not the main story narrarator but the intro/outro narrator, they have a name but it will not be revealed at this time).

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Andrew Diaz as Drufus 'The Marvelous' McLeary
Frances Li as Penelope Hubba Hubba
Justine Sweetman as Rita Rowland
Sam Reiss as Forge (Formerly Bradford Schneed)
Joshua Storms as DJ Slim Rick and the Narrator

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