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Combs Valley High Class of '89
Chapter 3:
I Smell Cult

Dick Rensley looks fantastic but his 'guess who' joke is just awful. Despite what he says, he's known as Dirty Dick. But that nickname came from a mud incident at prom and not a sex thing. His sex thing is through the fly at the movies. Penelope helped him discover that about himself, mainly out of necessity to avoid bugs biting his penis. Mosquitos and such and a broken car window. It was warm out, I don't know. Either way Dirty Dick owns a movie theater now.

The most handsome man at the party is also the hairiest. His name is Terrence Brau. Guess what his nickname is. He's part of the Committee and the final member of the Seven. He's also gay (Penelope is bummed but his boyfriend is hot so go Terry) and smokes lots of weed and has a necklace that has a weird symbol on it. That necklace hanging between those beautiful hairy pecs is his grandma's necklace. It's a family heirloom passed down through the generations but you won't really hear more about it because it's a small detail that gives richness to the story (that's the scripted part popping up again). Actually, all of the Seven have a similar necklace. That's important, which I'm sure you've gleaned at this point and I didn't need to mention it because you're all very astute. Not sarcastic this is just how I sound.

Hairy Terry is fucking stoked to meet some dude (ominous much?) tonight that's apparently going to love Forge but who doesn't? Terry's also pretty built and I don't know if that's explictly stated but Terry can get it. Tonight's the alignment. He mentions that a few times, for some reason.

Drufus does a lot of magic in this episode too. Just a dazzling display of illusions and marvels.

A valet Yeek with an eyepatch comes under the ire of the gang. The Yeek was just trying to do their job. Also, I don't think any of the gang actually smoked the weed with Terry. He also didn't offer which is a dick move. It's 2019 (in the story) pass it man. Either way, the Yeek lets the gang keep their car by the entrance and the only thing they do is get cocaine out of the trunk. Don't do cocaine people; it's expensive.

Back inside, dinner is starting. Cous Cous gets a high chair after Drufus lands a critical success. See, a critical success is where you roll the dice and get the perfect roll. So Drufus gets a perfect roll when trying to get a chair for his monkey from one of the Yeeks. Hence Penelope's quip about a wild success. Often the players are rolling for outcomes but it gets cut because it takes up too much time. "Hey, what was my skill level and what did I roll? Was it a regular, hard (lol), or extreme success or can I...". MOVING ON.

Right, so dinner starts. It's that weird meat from before. DJ Slim Rick can't eat it either, which is good because he gets sluggish when he eats a big dinner and he's booked until 10:30. He'll get something from the Safeway on his way home. Or so he thinks...

The gang steals Terry's phone to see what he's looking at (strange writings and symbols) but then the superlative awards starts before they can talk about it. If you listened to the episodes like you were supposed to you'd know that dinner starts promptly at 8pm (or at 8:30 who knows) followed by the Superlative Awards and a speech by Rachel West. That's the climax, the speech from Rachel. Spoiler alert, losers.

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Andrew Diaz as Drufus 'The Marvelous' McLeary
Frances Li as Penelope Hubba Hubba
Justine Sweetman as Rita Rowland
Sam Reiss as Forge (Formerly Bradford Schneed)
Joshua Storms as DJ Slim Rick and the Narrator

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