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Combs Valley High Class of '89
Chapter 4:

DJ Slim Rick emcees the Superlative Awards! And I'm capitalizing that because whatever it feels formal. Eleven guests called in to accept their awards. We made a huge list of awards and randomly assigned them to people. Oh, my personal favorite? All of them, you ass.

So we put together an evening of superlative awards (non-formal) and riffed for a few hours with some very funny people. Very little was edited out of the guests (only thing edited out were lines that contradicted the story or mentioned times beyond 2019). This is the episode that gives you a break from the action and the Friends to meet some other alumni.

If you only listen to this episode then you could still enjoy a great piece of improv that doesn't need much context. It's almost as if we planned that. Huh. Well, if you were in this episode and you're reading this to see if we mention you, know that you are deeply loved and you're invited back to any future guest call-ins we have. All except one of you. You know who you are. How could you?

Rachel takes the mic after the awards and then we roll right into the climax. Also has anyone listened past the credits? I dunno. You want to be a guest in the future? Email us. Seriously. You should probably be funny, or weird. But not like weird in a way that will get an exposé documentary made about you. Believe it or not, we value our lives.

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Andrew Diaz as Drufus 'The Marvelous' McLeary
Frances Li as Penelope Hubba Hubba
Justine Sweetman as Rita Rowland
Sam Reiss as Forge (Formerly Bradford Schneed)
Joshua Storms as DJ Slim Rick and the Narrator

The Superlative Award winners and their awards are:
Milind Nimesh as Zeal - Traveled the Furthest to get Here
Devin Bockrath as Malizabeth Schmaylor - The Elizabeth Taylor Award
Liam Cronin as Felix 'Daddy' Chop - Most Catlike
Grayum Vickers as Clarence Fishman - Weakest Handshake
Kristin Kirkley as Misty Kirkland - Most Successful Deprogramming From a Cult
Stephen Sheffer as Barnaby Benadryl - Least Rested
Matt Caron as Jimothy Jimmons the 3rd - Most Likely to Still be a Virgin
Sean Morin as Kevin 'Hurly' Burly - Worst Toupee
Heather Harrison as Mavis St. Blarneystone - Most Antibiotic Resistant
Melissa Parker Caron as Douglas Cooper Jack Parker - Least Likely to Have Lived This Long
Lee McMahon as John Kealty - Yogurt Cup Collection

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