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Combs Valley High Class of '89
Chapter 5:
Sting Needs to get a Life

Last episode, people. No more Combs Valley after this. Most likely, who knows what the future holds. Madawaska is a story that has more to be told, but Combs Valley is done. Once, again, most likely. What am I, a freaking fortune teller? Plus, we have other stories coming down the pike. A punk show with lots of terrible accents and then a wild west story. Also, we've got some stuff in between planned and a fully scripted narrative story in the works. So keep your pants on. Or don't.

Rachel's speech turns weird, quick. The Seven, who've you've met already, gets naked. The unveiling is pretty tight at that point but when the levitation starts, it admittedly stops being as cool. Their necklaces glow and later on in the episode light shoots out of them and opens a portal. Or something like that. It's kind hard to look at and only DJ Slim Rick has the mental fortitude to see things so horrible. Oh the horrors wedding emcees have witnessed. They also chant some ethereal spell that at some point reverses (you should wear headphones the sound guy really killed it).

The Yeeks turn gnarly. They transform into other creatures but you should really listen to the podcast to hear it. If you haven't listened to it because of accessibility issues, seriously, reach out and we'll get you a transcription ASAP. If you haven't listened to it because you just haven't, why do you hate us? We put a friggin' monkey in this one. Also, the Yeeks end up murdering any of the guests who didn't eat the meat. Anybody who did eat the meat is not fairing much better.

Ok, they're fairing much worse. They're giving birth to mini Yeeks. And not so much giving birth as being torn apart internally by the mini-Yeeks that grew inside of them. The meat was more like an egg/parasite deal. Get it? It's not complex but don't think about it too much because it probably falls apart under the weight of any logic.

While the gang flees the carnage of their fellow alumni being torn apart around them, Jerry (Rita's husband with the mascot thing, remember?) finally joins the group. And yes, he's in a Rooster costume. The Roosters were the Combs Valley High sports team. What sport? I don't know, one with a ball. Either way, the gang makes their way downstairs (they fall down the stairs) and then find an emergency exit outside.

So, the Committee is full-on changing into an inter-dimensional being as they float and rotate through the air. The Reunion is a full-on gore fest. DJ Slim Rick is going down with the ship, Titanic style. A true pro, that guy. But wait, why the Yeeks birthing more Yeeks with the tainted meat while the Reunion Committee rebirths into eternal demigods through the will of the interdimensional god Mylsiau? Basically, it's a trade. The Yeeks know Mylsiau (they're pretty close), the Committee worships Mylsiau, the Yeeks need human hosts for more Yeeks. The alignment falls on the 30 year anniversary of their high school graduation. Perfect.

Well, the gang is outside and the building explodes. It's a rift into another dimension and it produces some serious energy. Roll with it. Penelope is killed in the blast and Drufus is super bummed. I mean, everyone is bummed but no one more than Sting that Forge missed his call.

The Committee is a horror-show, DJ Slim Rick is witnessing an eternal god (Mylsiau) peek through the fabric of space and time, and honestly the party is over. So the gang splits up. Some of them die, some of them live. It's a whole thing. Spoiler alert, I'm not telling you the ending.

Oh and if you've read this far and you're not a) a close relative/friend of one of the Friends; b) a former guest; or c) a lawyer doing preliminary investigative work before a litigation; reach out! and let us know you read all this crap, it might be worth your while. Follow us on some social something or other and subcribe somewhere and leave a review there too. I don't know we're not trying to make money, capitalism is a disease and we hate god.

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Andrew Diaz as Drufus 'The Marvelous' McLeary
Frances Li as Penelope Hubba Hubba and Herschel
Justine Sweetman as Rita Rowland
Sam Reiss as Forge (Formerly Bradford Schneed)
Joshua Storms as DJ Slim Rick and the Narrator

Additional death scenes provided by
Devin Bockrath as Malizabeth Schmaylor
Grayum Vickers as Clarence Fishman - Weakest Handshake
Sean Morin as Kevin 'Hurly' Burly

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